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Sunday, June 12, 2011



I just to worry all of the time! Worried if someone left an umbrella and felt as if I had to find the owner. Worried if I had everything finished I said I was going to finish and add about a gazillion more things and that would have summed up me in a nutshell.

Eleven years ago, I got blindsided by a series of events that numbed me with worry for four straight years. Started going through a divorce, broke my knee and my mother died—all that happened in one year. One would have been bad enough but the latter was extremely hard for me to take as I am an only child. Took almost a year to be able to walk again without a brace and my knee is all right—but it sure has become a good rain indicator. As for the divorce, that took four years!

I worried so much, wrote out my life on legal pads for the never ending divorce and wondered if I would survive it all but I did. So many twists and turns during that four year period that I’m not sure I could live through a repeat –nor would I ever want to. It was going through all of this when I got a revelation from a cousin of mine: She told me to stay away from negativity in any form—tv news, people or anything that would drag me down.

I trusted her one hundred percent for she had had cancer and it was also in about eighteen lymph nodes. Her doctor gave her about five years to live. That was over twenty years ago and she is cancer free. Her way of thinking led me to quit worrying [it didn’t happen over night trust me!] about what I couldn’t control and what I could control. And she was and is so right: If you watch negative things, you become that way and start worrying. If you are among people who are negative in their every way of thinking, you will be as they are and dragged down even farther.

Remove yourself from negativity on tv, online and from those who relish in it—miraculous things happen to you once you strive to do such. Yes, I still worry but not like I used to at all: I have come to take one day at a time and see what transpires. If it looks like an overload, I relegate certain things to the back burner. It’s amazing the things I worried about that had no importance whatsover. And no doubt you have discovered the same.

Aside from what I’ve written re worry and negativity, just remember what Scarlett said in the movie, “Gone With the Wind:” “After all, tomorrow is another day!” Worry will always hang over our shoulders but try doing the great advice my cousin gave me—such great wisdom and aside from that, it works. And Scarlett wasn't wrong either.

Sherry Hill

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