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Monday, August 27, 2012


If you don't live in a place that has the season of fall [autumn,] you are missing out on my most favorite season ever. Fall has the most vibrant leaf colors, a smell in the air that is so distinct, azure blue skies and it gives me the crunchy feeling when I walk on leaves gathered in the yard or street. Fall is simply nature at its best for there is nothing not to love about it. Pumpkins abound in their orange colors, acorns fall to the ground making a small sound if you are near them and it seems as if the entire world is blanketed in color.

My past memories of fall bring up thoughts of happy times as a kid running through leaves or jumping into leaf piles or drinking apple cider and eating candied apples.  People used to have bonfires going out in the country or here in town when it was allowed and the smell of that burning triggered every sense in my being. And of course Halloween is in fall--another thing to love about it.

I was and still am always on the lookout for perfectly shaped trees cloaked in their vivid colors. To me, they are just magical to look at. But the imperfect ones are just fine with me as well for their colors leave you breathless. If you have never been to West Virginia and especially in the fall, google photos from here: You will be left as breathless as I stay in fall. The only bad thing about fall is that it doesn't last long enough for me--I wish it lasted far longer than it does. And of course coming on its heels after it is winter--a beautiful but desolate time where everything is drab unless there is snow. Fall is a "Catch it while you can" time and I try to catch every minute of it. It just makes you feel wonderful and alive and is no doubt the most beautiful of all seasons.

Sherry Hill
*Photo from online

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