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Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Heard these all of my life and have no idea who wrote them. I knew them as a kid and later on taught them to my sons and then some to my students—not all but some! When I was a kid, we had autograph “dogs” that looked like a daschund but were made out of material and stuffed. And we had autograph books. Friends were always asked to write on both and they did. Both of mine went by the wayside long ago.

I have you in my heart

I have you in my liver

If I had you in my arms

I’d throw you in the river!

I like him

He likes me

Better yet

We're in a tree!

We have your picture

We think it’s very nice

We put it in the attic

To scare away the mice!

Lincoln, Lincoln

I’ve been thinkin

What on earth have you been drinkin?

Smells like whiskey

Smells like wine

Oh my gosh it’s turpentine!

I saw you in the river

I saw you in the sea

I saw you in the bathtub!

Oops pardon me!

Roses are red

Coal is black

How will I giggle

When you get held back!

Adam and his better half

Never left an autograph.

Mary had a little lamb

It’s fleece was white as snow

Mary passed the butcher’s shop

But the lamb went by too slow!

Doctor Bell fell down the well

And broke his collar bone.

Doctors should attend the sick

And leave the well alone.

Mary had a little lamb

Whose fleece was white as snow

She took it down to Pittsburgh

And look at that darned thing now.

You are your mother’s darling child

Brought up with care and trouble.

For fear a spoon would hurt your mouth

She fed you with a shovel.

Fulton had a steamboat

Steamboat had a bell

Fulton pulled the wrong cord

Steamboat went to

Hello operator

Fulton’s on the line!

If nobody answers

Give me back my dime!

Jimmy’s nice

Jimmy’s sweet

Better yet

He lives on my street!

Roses are red

Violets are green

You have a shape

Like a washing machine.

There are so many more to share with you but I will save that for another time. Maybe you remember some of these sayings: I hope so.

Sherry Hill

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