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Friday, April 15, 2011



I have come to the conclusion after surveying all of the sets of dishes I have as well as those that don’t match, that I indeed have a dish fetish. And so do two of my cousins: Therefore, it is genetic. Is that jumping to a conclusion? Maybe and maybe not for they too are overloaded in the dish category.

How many plates and the like should a person have? I once knew a man who only had four plates, four saucers, four bowls and four cups: His reasoning was that it was all he needed. Sensible? I suppose unless he had more than four people who were going to eat at his house and then he’d have been in trouble, to say the least. But his dishes didn’t take up much room at all.

Mine do and although I use a lot of them, some I have never used: I just like them [that is not a good thing.] My great great grandfathers’ middle name was “Meakin:” That is the same name of an English pottery factory. And oddly enough he was born in England. Maybe he is the one who had the “china” gene for it is on his line of ancestors that we have the dish fetish.

Whatever the reason I am sure that this gene will be passed onto my grandchildren: They just don’t know it yet for they are too young to care about dishes at this point in their lives. The gene skipped my mom, landed on me, skipped my sons so I know that my grandchildren have inherited it. And boy are they in for a lot of dishes is all I can say. If you have a dish fetish, I’d love to hear about it.

Sherry Hill


  1. I am becoming intrigued not so much by the color or painting of a dish but by its shape. That may be an Asian thing, but I am getting into oblongs, triangles, and squares. Presentation is everything.

  2. Presentation is everything and I like your point of view. I am attracted to color and design: Blue Willow is up there on my top ten.