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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I love to read other people's blogs: Find it interesting to see what others write about and how they go about it. Each has a different way of writing and their topics are but anything like mine.

While reading some, I often think to myself "Why didn't I think of that? I knew it." Wonder if others feel the same? No doubt they do for it's human nature to come to that conclusion.

Of late, I have discovered that some bloggers have become jealous of others and their writings--a fact that I can only think of as being disturbing. There have to be millions of bloggers in the world all presenting their thoughts on many subjects. Am I jealous of their writings? That would be a definite no.

What they write adds to my own thinking. And that's a good thing for why would I just want to read what I write? How boring and how narrow. What I write comes out of my own experiences as does what they write about, but to be jealous is absurd. I was so shocked to see that a lot of bloggers post on twitter or facebook how many people in the world are reading their blog. Why?  To see that not only shocked me but seemed to be saying that the blogger had to boast. Maybe my thinking is wrong. And yet to see it, jarred me for a minute or so.

Count me out on being jealous of what other bloggers write. I relish in reading others' writings. I get new ideas and new slants on styles and to me, that is a good thing. Bring on bloggers' writings of all forms--some I may not like while others are a delightful experience. It's a matter of personal taste and personal thoughts that makes a blogger write in the first place and jealous? No way!

Sherry Hill



Today Google is thirteen years old! That’s hard to imagine for it seems as if it only came into being the other day. The first time I ever heard that word was when I was teaching: A new library book had come out and the title was “How Much is a Google?” When I looked in it, I found that a google is a hundred million; that’s one huge number. But what did we do before we had “Google?”

We had to do an online search for anything we wanted to find; hard for we had to go to a ton of websites before we found the right answer needed. I remember getting so frustrated one day after going through needless sites just to find an answer. Well not now or in the last twelve years thanks to Google.

Last week my middle school age granddaughter posted on facebook that she had finished her homework quickly thanks to Google! Little does she know how hard it was for me and others who didn’t live in the computer age as students: We had to go to the library and use the card catalog to research anything. And  worse was that we had to find it and then write it down on paper only to bring it home and then put the information into an assignment—either handwritten or typed on a typewriter.

In essence, each and everyone of us who sought information were our own google! It was an undaunted task but one we did for we had to dig for information in books or periodicals.

The times are a changin’ as the saying goes or have changed drastically as all of you know. Happy 13th Birthday Google!! So glad you are in our everyday lives: You have made our seeking and finding so much easier in all areas of the spectrum.

Sherry Hill

Saturday, September 17, 2011


What is not to love about iced tea? I've been hooked on it since I was little but didn't consume it much then. Into my twenties, I became a true "iced teaaholic!" Everyone who knows me, knows that I live on it--day and night. Used to use tons of sugar with it and lemon when I made it by the gallon and everyone loved it including me. [Think in retrospect that it tasted more like lemonade of sorts.] Iced tea accompanied me to my school where I taught: I took it in a big jug. And I also took a jug of ice. My former dentist just loved my eating all that ice with the tea for I broke off more molars or the fillings in them. That fact made me have many dental trips over several years.

Former students of mine still know that I drink iced tea or ask me on facebook. I am forever branded with iced tea--no way to get away from that.

Used to use tea bags and make iced tea the normal way but letting the tea steep and then cool it. Somehow, I discovered instant "Nestea" and have been addicted to it ever since. It has zap to it whereas other teas don't. Know it has caffeine for I wouldn't be up writing this at five in the morning. But that's the price I pay for loving it! [The lemon went by the wayside as did the sugar: I use a sugar substitute.]

Carrying my iced tea around with me in my car has had many merits believe it or not! About eleven years ago or so,  I was pulling into a drug store's parking lot only to see my older son running to the front door. I hollered at him and asked what he was doing; he said frantically "Do you have your tea with you?" "Yes!" I replied. "Give it to me" he said. And he went running to his car [with my iced tea] where I could see smoke billowing up in the front of it.

I was parked beside him and saw him pour the iced tea into the vents on his dashboard. And then he told me that somehow a cigarette he had intended to put in the ashtray fell into the vent! No wonder he had fire. That day my iced tea came in very handy. [He quit smoking soon after that--not sure if that had anything to do with it or not but still?] And his reason for going to this drug store in the first place was to get a bottle of pop or some water to put out the fire so it was fate that I pulled in at the same time.

Iced tea has helped me with bee stings, from becoming choked on something and who knows what else? All I can say is that I am forever hooked on it--with ice or not just as long as it is cold! If you  are wondering if I drink other beverages, yes I do: I drink V-8 juice, cranberry juice, coffee loaded with half and half and sometimes Pepsi. But if it were added up, iced tea would be about three-fourths of what I consume. Must make Nestle Corporation happy for they make Nestea!

Sherry Hill

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Fall comes rushing in with her beautiful cloak of vivid colors. She’s impatient but oh so hurried for she has much to do. As she twirls her rustling cloak, leaves turn to brilliant shades of red, orange, yellow and burgundy. The sky turns to an azure blue—a magnificent color that leaves us breathless. She makes sure that remnants of her being here are left—acorns, pumpkins and tan cornstalks for she wants them to be noticed. The smells she brings are those that permeate not only our senses but bring back thoughts of our childhood:  Leaves, the burning of a wood fire and a slight chill in the air. Fall knows that we love these and makes sure to stir them up.
And she knows that we love the crunching sound of our feet on fallen leaves for it’s unforgettable.  No sooner does Fall do her magic than it’s time for her to leave—but what does she do? She takes all her brilliant colors with her tucked under her rustling cloak and leaves us with nothing but brown for she knows winter will soon be approaching. Catch her while you can and live in her magic for it is truly that—magic.

* Published in the WV Gazette originally.  Sherry Hill

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have always loved olives--the green kind either stuffed with pimentos or plain.
Started when I was about four when my parents' best friends would invite us 
over for spaghetti. Olives were always served. To this day I have to eat olives
with spaghetti--just have to. My step-grandfather wouldn't touch an olive; said he 
didn't know what they were stuffed with. Hmm

Wouldn't touch a black olive except in my late mom's potato salad which was 
heaven. The recipe came from McClave's Drug Store that used to be on 
Quarrier Street. [I have that recipe if interested.] But as for eating black olive
straight--no way until they appeared at school on the salad bar for lunch. It took 
me that long to try to eat one and shock, I liked them but not as much as green

Will never ever forget when one of my sons was little and given an olive. He said, 
" I don't like ball pickles!" Just too funny and to this day, he won't touch them.
I can't imagine a world without olives can you?
Never had a martini but olives are a requirement in those drinks. Maybe I'll eventually 
have a martini: Who knows?
Meanwhile, I'll just take my olives straight out of the jar.

Sherry Hill



Okay I will admit I have a love affair with lemons. Always have and always will. There used to be a time when I would cut one in half and suck on it. Doubtful.

Lemons can be used for so many things such as in cleaning items, for their wonderful smell but mostly for drinks and food. Used to love sliced lemons in iced tea; somehow, I decided I didn’t like it that way anymore. Lemonade is pure heaven and especially on a hot summer day.

Shrimp uncooked or cooked just has to have lemon squirted on it. Can’t imagine shrimp without lemon juice on it.  Then there is grated lemon that tops not only cakes but certain dishes—brings out the flavor even more. And it’s eye pleasing. Certain Mediterranean dishes always require lemon in them:  Some I like and some I don’t. Depends upon the person as you know and sometimes upon the cook.

My favorite things with lemon are lemon meringue pie, lemon cups [an old recipe that when baked makes a cake top and a custard bottom,] lemon bars and lemon cake.  Oh my! Not only are lemons just beautiful to look at but they sure do add zest to anything be it drinks or food. Lemons are also used by many as a Christmas decoration for when stacked high in a bowl, they are a thing of beauty.

Lemons just about have it all plus they are yellow as you know! Eye-catching and a wonderful fruit that has a smell straight from heaven. Now I will have to run out and get some—I need a lemon meringue pie in a hurry.

Sherry Hill