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Thursday, September 1, 2011



Okay I will admit I have a love affair with lemons. Always have and always will. There used to be a time when I would cut one in half and suck on it. Doubtful.

Lemons can be used for so many things such as in cleaning items, for their wonderful smell but mostly for drinks and food. Used to love sliced lemons in iced tea; somehow, I decided I didn’t like it that way anymore. Lemonade is pure heaven and especially on a hot summer day.

Shrimp uncooked or cooked just has to have lemon squirted on it. Can’t imagine shrimp without lemon juice on it.  Then there is grated lemon that tops not only cakes but certain dishes—brings out the flavor even more. And it’s eye pleasing. Certain Mediterranean dishes always require lemon in them:  Some I like and some I don’t. Depends upon the person as you know and sometimes upon the cook.

My favorite things with lemon are lemon meringue pie, lemon cups [an old recipe that when baked makes a cake top and a custard bottom,] lemon bars and lemon cake.  Oh my! Not only are lemons just beautiful to look at but they sure do add zest to anything be it drinks or food. Lemons are also used by many as a Christmas decoration for when stacked high in a bowl, they are a thing of beauty.

Lemons just about have it all plus they are yellow as you know! Eye-catching and a wonderful fruit that has a smell straight from heaven. Now I will have to run out and get some—I need a lemon meringue pie in a hurry.

Sherry Hill

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