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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Time is something that you cannot touch, stop or make it go back. All I know is that it is passing too fast and there is not stopping it. Days turn into months too quickly. Holidays come and go like lightning. The things I have still wanted to do are not happening but do I have the time? Yes, I have an overabundance of time as I am no longer working.

I can remember back to the age of three and onward: My mind is full of memories and the things that I loved to do. A lot of those memories involve many family members that are no longer around and they are terribly missed. Former childhood neighbors that are not around are missed as well for I knew them all. I was one of those kids that loved being near people—young or old. And I remember the stories that they told me as well as how they affected my life. And I could say “that was a long time ago” for it was.

Forward in time and I am the mother of two grown sons and a grandmother of three—two are teenagers and one is an adult. Doesn’t seem possible that they have all grown up for the memories of these five when they were little was simply the best ever despite the fact that I worried about them and made sure that things were just right.

Looking back I wonder if things that I did were right and yet in my heart I know that they were for I was there for them in the time that they needed me. And isn’t that what counts in life after all?

I think back to so many sayings that I said such as: “I don’t have time right not.” “What time is it?” “Can I have some more time?” “Do you have time to tell me?” “Is it time to go?” “What time does it start?” “I’ll be there on time” and a gazillion more sayings that all involved the word TIME. Famous past and current writers have said sayings about time for it was and is relevant.

“Time waits for no one” is an extremely famous saying which is oh so true. Just yesterday is was May and now it’s June. Rest assured that I have the time but it just goes by too fast. I remember my late mom saying “The only good things that I have left are my fingernails” and I am now the age she was when she said that. Scary. Way scary.

Like everyone else that gets older, I want time to freeze frame: I want it to stay longer. I miss the days when I could brush my hair and teeth, put on lipstick, throw on clothes and leave for somewhere for now it takes forever to complete even one of these tasks. Do I piddle around? Maybe. But I am also more frustrated in getting ready to leave for somewhere—it takes a long time and oh throw in the aches and pains. Now really who likes those added to the grief mentioned above?

I know who the culprit is: It’s TIME. It just goes whooshing by and the things that I wanted to do, I am going to make time for them. My feet are going in places of water that I love, my fingers are going to write and paint more and my body is going to visit a lot of people that I have neglected seeing. I need places of solace, places that make my heart feel better and places where people I care about are there.

I have the time if only it would slow down but that’s an impossibility for the older I become, the less there is of it. All I can say is that all of us have to make time for what is important for now is now. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow but we can hope for it. I certainly do. And I will do the things that I want to do for it’s a case of have to—I need those things and people in my life. I can only hope that you feel the same way. Make TIME. Be with people that make you happy—not the negative ones and remember the good times.

Sherry Hill

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Sherry Hill

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When I was 6, I was in the second grade at Edison Grade School in
South Charleston. Both of my parents worked so I had to eat at school
but it was way cool because a lot of kids including me at Edison ate at the armory across
the street with the military guys. That I loved.

But recess was another thing
that I loved as we had two of them--one in the morning and one in the 
afternoon. Every morning at recess, some parents sold either an apple
or orange juice with crushed ice: I always chose orange juice. But one day
they had run out of orange juice and so I chose an apple--a big red one.

I will never forget taking a huge bite into it only to have it get stuck in my
throat. The Hem. Man. had not been invented. Standing by the water 
fountain choking, I knew I was going to die right there and then.
All of a sudden I felt someone grab me and take me by my shoes and hold
me upside down. Patted my back as hard as possible and stood me back
up. I was staring my principal right in the face and not sure what to say to
her. Grateful? Of course I was.

But from that day to this, I cannot eat
a raw apple--it has to be peeled and even then, I get a throwback to that 
day and decide not to eat it.
Sherry Hill.

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Sherry Hill

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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Greetings from far far away!
I wanted to share my tenth Amazon Kindle E book with you: If you have Amazon Prime, 
my E book is free to read. No Kindle, no problem as Amazon has a download for your
computer or I Pad.


This was a short book that I had to write: It was horrible wearing any of the three or all
of them at once.

Thanks much!
Sherry Hill

Friday, May 1, 2015


I have three dying friends and all three are males that I have known for what seems like forever.  Yes, I've talked to all three of them and tried to bolster them up but it's so hard to know how to say the right thing. Saying "You will get better" is a lie and yet it is what most people think of to say right off the bat.

These three men are in horrific pain. One has an over abundance of faith and is willing to meet God when He calls. I think of his strength and wonder how he can be that strong facing death and yet he is.  And of the three, he is the youngest and the one who has  always had a kind word for everyone.  His body is riddled with cancer yet up until several days ago was still professing his faith and might.

The other two males are fighting a battle with leukemia and each are facing its last stage. One of these two is going the extra mile by having a bone marrow transplant and he is hopeful despite it all.

What have I said to all three of them? I have said that I am despondent about their illnesses and that not only do I admire them but love them--for I do love each of the three as they have been dear and longtime friends. And why not be honest and say that you love a person who is dying if you do? It might be your last time to utter those three words: I love you.

My best friend since the age of three died seven years ago of colon cancer: She was living in a city about two and a half hours away from me. I talked to her on the phone about a week before she died:  Tears were streaming down my face as I heard her try to speak; told her it didn't matter if she couldn't talk. And I told her "I love you." Those were my last words to her ever.

I still grieve over her and grieve over these three male friends of mine who are facing death right in the face. I can only pray that God gives them strength on their journey and that they know that they are loved for isn't that what life is all about--to be loved?

I'm sure that you the reader have faced dear and close friends that have died or are dying and it's the hardest thing on a friend's part to know what to say or do. The fear of saying or doing the wrong thing is heavy on a heart for I know that all too well from the past.

Say "I love you." If it's from your heart, the dying person will know the words ring true. And pray for the person or persons to not suffer immensely.  After all, it's not in our hands but in God's hands and there is nothing we can do but then and again, prayer can be a powerful thing that has worked miracles.

I grieve over my three dying friends, have told them each that I loved them and am praying for them.  The pain I feel is immense.  There are times that I scream out each of their names aloud. To lose them will make a huge hole in my heart yet my heart is so much better for having known these wonderful men for they are a part of me. How could dear friends not be?

Grief is a huge part of life whether we like it or not and all us have to face it with it sometimes being too much.

I can only hope that you tell your friend or friends that you love them for now is now. None of us know our futures and life can be snuffed out in an instant. And as for me, I remember hearing  a saying "There go I except for the grace of God." I grieve my three dying male friends and although their illnesses are known to me, when I lose them it will be an incredulous shock all over again.

But I do love them and they matter. All friends matter. Tell them.

Sherry Hill

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Just the other day it was Easter or so it seemed. Time has a way of flying by too quickly anymore--
is it me or does it come with age? No doubt the answer is the latter but I do welcome May with open arms for here it means warm weather and a hint of summer on the way.

May means a month of school graduation ceremonies, a semi-sigh of relief for teachers that know
school will soon be closing  as well as that sigh for students and a time when all can finally get outside and enjoy their surroundings.

Wherever you live, I hope that May is a happy month for you and lasts a little bit longer
than April did.

Sherry Hill

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Sherry Hill
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