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Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Remembering Glass Wind Chimes"

“Remembering Glass Wind Chimes”

Not too long ago, I bought a wind chime—you know the typical kind that is found anywhere: It’s part metal and part wood. Sounded good when I hit it in the store because it made a cool sound. When I was putting it up, all of a sudden I remembered the kind that my grandmother used to buy at a ten cent store for I was with her. And I could picture it in my mind as clear as a bell. It was made out of glass rectangles and each piece was hand painted. Red cord held the entire thing together and it was probably a foot long or so.

She would hang it on the front porch and it made the most wonderful tinkling sound ever. When the sun hit the glass pieces, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Of course this was so long ago and then the wind chime didn’t cost much-- which was a good thing for when the wind got really bad, it came crashing down onto the porch! And off we would go back to the ten cent store to purchase another one.

I wish I had a photo of one to show you. There was a lot of skill and attention to detail in the painting of each glass rectangle for they were decorated with hand painted flowers. Over the years, I quit seeing them and now they are a thing of the past. Funny how something so cheap like it, could leave such a lasting impression on me but it did. It was hypnotizing to watch –all glittery and shiny in the sunlight and even better to hear the faint tinkling of the sound it made. And I loved it. I can just picture it in my mind hanging to the right of my grandmother’s front porch and it brings back happy memories of my childhood.

I’m sure that there are none around; they were fragile and this was so long ago. Best thing I can do to remember it is to paint one—that way I can remember it best. As for the sound, I have it in my mind. If you were lucky enough to have seen one of these glass wind chimes or even had one, consider yourself lucky for there was lots of magic in them. Lots.

Sherry Hill

*I found a picture of one on Amazon.com! Unbelievable.  And will I get one? Of course. But it won't go outside trust me.


  1. Ah, yes. My Grandmother had one also. Or maybe two or three. I know exactly what it sounded like. And we'll never hear that again unless we buy one of these. I was going to buy one last year, but, now that I look again they are not for sale anywhere. Oh, well. Things from the past that I really don't need anyway. Thanks for the blog.

  2. No we will never hear that specific tinkling sound ever again. Like you, I almost bought one last year too but wondered how long it would last outside. I don't need one either but it is tempting. You are so welcome for this blog and thank you so much for your comment!