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Monday, April 1, 2013



Ah April I welcome you
Along with your blooms
Rain and whirlygigs that
Fall from my maple trees
And cover my yard like
A blanket of snow.
Your rain I don’t mind
It’s a welcome relief
And I love your breeze.
But all of the above
Make me sneeze.
The allergies came not
Long ago
And lo and behold
April brings them out
In me.
So I grab an umbrella
Just in case
And stuff tissues
Everywhere when I must
Go out.
You are the month of hope
That brings back the color
That winter desperately grabbed
And hid.
You are the month of blooms
Cheering us when we need it
What would we do without you?
You are a respite before the
Hot heat of summer descends upon
So bring your rain, your blooms
And your color.
Allergies aside,
I need you as much
As everyone else.
Welcome April!

Sherry Hill