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Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Fall comes rushing in with her beautiful cloak of vivid colors. She’s impatient but oh so hurried for she has much to do. As she twirls her rustling cloak, leaves turn to brilliant shades of red, orange, yellow and burgundy. The sky turns to an azure blue—a magnificent color that leaves us breathless. She makes sure that remnants of her being here are left—acorns, pumpkins and tan cornstalks for she wants them to be noticed. The smells she brings are those that permeate not only our senses but bring back thoughts of our childhood:  Leaves, the burning of a wood fire and a slight chill in the air. Fall knows that we love these and makes sure to stir them up.
And she knows that we love the crunching sound of our feet on fallen leaves for it’s unforgettable.  No sooner does Fall do her magic than it’s time for her to leave—but what does she do? She takes all her brilliant colors with her tucked under her rustling cloak and leaves us with nothing but brown for she knows winter will soon be approaching. Catch her while you can and live in her magic for it is truly that—magic.

* Published in the WV Gazette originally.  Sherry Hill

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  1. Thanks for your beautiful description of fall - the one from our childhood with its breathtaking drama and melancholy that we only truly recapture in our dreams.