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Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have always loved olives--the green kind either stuffed with pimentos or plain.
Started when I was about four when my parents' best friends would invite us 
over for spaghetti. Olives were always served. To this day I have to eat olives
with spaghetti--just have to. My step-grandfather wouldn't touch an olive; said he 
didn't know what they were stuffed with. Hmm

Wouldn't touch a black olive except in my late mom's potato salad which was 
heaven. The recipe came from McClave's Drug Store that used to be on 
Quarrier Street. [I have that recipe if interested.] But as for eating black olive
straight--no way until they appeared at school on the salad bar for lunch. It took 
me that long to try to eat one and shock, I liked them but not as much as green

Will never ever forget when one of my sons was little and given an olive. He said, 
" I don't like ball pickles!" Just too funny and to this day, he won't touch them.
I can't imagine a world without olives can you?
Never had a martini but olives are a requirement in those drinks. Maybe I'll eventually 
have a martini: Who knows?
Meanwhile, I'll just take my olives straight out of the jar.

Sherry Hill

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