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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I love to read other people's blogs: Find it interesting to see what others write about and how they go about it. Each has a different way of writing and their topics are but anything like mine.

While reading some, I often think to myself "Why didn't I think of that? I knew it." Wonder if others feel the same? No doubt they do for it's human nature to come to that conclusion.

Of late, I have discovered that some bloggers have become jealous of others and their writings--a fact that I can only think of as being disturbing. There have to be millions of bloggers in the world all presenting their thoughts on many subjects. Am I jealous of their writings? That would be a definite no.

What they write adds to my own thinking. And that's a good thing for why would I just want to read what I write? How boring and how narrow. What I write comes out of my own experiences as does what they write about, but to be jealous is absurd. I was so shocked to see that a lot of bloggers post on twitter or facebook how many people in the world are reading their blog. Why?  To see that not only shocked me but seemed to be saying that the blogger had to boast. Maybe my thinking is wrong. And yet to see it, jarred me for a minute or so.

Count me out on being jealous of what other bloggers write. I relish in reading others' writings. I get new ideas and new slants on styles and to me, that is a good thing. Bring on bloggers' writings of all forms--some I may not like while others are a delightful experience. It's a matter of personal taste and personal thoughts that makes a blogger write in the first place and jealous? No way!

Sherry Hill

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  1. Interested twist on what could be called "blogpost envy." I agree with you. Blogs are as different as there are blogsters, and the readers of each one have their reasons for it - no comparisons are necessary. I read yours because it's good reading and "rings true" of you - a marvelous, spirited and independent person.