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Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Today Google is thirteen years old! That’s hard to imagine for it seems as if it only came into being the other day. The first time I ever heard that word was when I was teaching: A new library book had come out and the title was “How Much is a Google?” When I looked in it, I found that a google is a hundred million; that’s one huge number. But what did we do before we had “Google?”

We had to do an online search for anything we wanted to find; hard for we had to go to a ton of websites before we found the right answer needed. I remember getting so frustrated one day after going through needless sites just to find an answer. Well not now or in the last twelve years thanks to Google.

Last week my middle school age granddaughter posted on facebook that she had finished her homework quickly thanks to Google! Little does she know how hard it was for me and others who didn’t live in the computer age as students: We had to go to the library and use the card catalog to research anything. And  worse was that we had to find it and then write it down on paper only to bring it home and then put the information into an assignment—either handwritten or typed on a typewriter.

In essence, each and everyone of us who sought information were our own google! It was an undaunted task but one we did for we had to dig for information in books or periodicals.

The times are a changin’ as the saying goes or have changed drastically as all of you know. Happy 13th Birthday Google!! So glad you are in our everyday lives: You have made our seeking and finding so much easier in all areas of the spectrum.

Sherry Hill

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