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Wednesday, August 31, 2011



I loved him at first sight
He turned my life upside
Down when all was wrought
And oh how I treasured him
Or so I thought.
He wrote poetry for me
Cards came and flowers
And away went many hours.
For the first time in my life
I was happy and free
And he let me be me.
Several years of complete bliss
And then into nothingness it sank
While I was left with just things.
Things like treasures and rings.
Not what I wanted at all you see
I wanted his love he had for me.
But that love turned to a game
I knew not how to play
And he was a master in
Every way.
The games went on and
Turned to tragedy
For he left me alone
Just me.
But I learned so much
That I should have known
And shouldn’t have gotten
Sucked up in the life he owned.
But I did and suffered the
Result of it all
It was horrific and heartbreaking
For me and that fall.
While he
Went on with no conscience
You see.
He’s been out of my life
For over ten years now
And I was lucky to survive strife.
But there isn’t a time
That I don’t think about
What was for I loved him
You see.
But it wasn’t the same
For him with me.
Despite the horribleness
Of it all
There are so many times
When I want to say
And I loved him
And that’s all.

Sherry Hill

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