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Tuesday, August 2, 2011



If you believe in miracles, then welcome to my club for I have seen them over and over. So many people are too “blind” to see them or ignore them. I could make a huge list but won’t—just want to relate one experience that happened ten years ago.

My mom died on May 10, 2001 and as an only child, it was a terrific blow to me. Would be a terrific blow to anyone who has lost their mother and one that is never expected but happens. My mom’s favorite colors were yellow and black:  She had those colors all over her gorgeous apartment accented with hot pink. The day of her burial when I got home, I walked out to the end of my street:  From there I could look down at the city and just let my emotions go wild. It was about four in the afternoon and as I turned around to walk back, I felt something on my face.

Didn’t touch it but could see it—it was a yellow and black BUTTERFLY! Dusted it off of me and really didn’t think much about that incident till the next day for it happened again to me at the end of the street. But this time the butterfly landed on my arm and I looked at it and saw those colors and a chill went over me. Day after day even when I had my dog with me, I would go out to end of the street and have a butterfly on me. Went on till late fall and then started all over again in the spring.

By this time, I just felt that it was somehow a spirit of my mom for not only was the butterfly always yellow and black but my mom loved butterflies and had a lot of butterfly things in her apartment. This experience went on for three straight years—of a butterfly landing somewhere on me every day [except in the winter] and then one day, I never had it happen again ever.

Whether others think it not, I think it was a miracle and think that somehow her spirit was linked to that butterfly. How could it not be? She was watching over me or it made me feel that way. When I got up the gumption to tell others, they too had experienced butterflies either on them or around them after the death of a loved one. Maybe you have had it happen to you or maybe you just didn’t notice:  Either is a miracle.

Sherry Hill

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