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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I received this photo in an email from a friend and wanted to share it with you for it is truly beautiful. I love the look of it--sort of old-fashioned and yet dazzling at the same time. Definitely planned and not just random plantings.

Thinking seriously of painting this scene for love to paint flowers. Mentioned it to the friend who sent this for she also paints and is fabulous at watercolors. As of now, neither of us have tackled painting it but rest assured one of us will.

If you were to look at this as if it were a painting, what would be the focal point? Where do your eyes go first? Hope you chose the reddish-orange flowers for that is the focal point. Put your hand over them and then look at the photo. Looks blah without them doesn't it? Course I happen to love that color as well---does that help any?

Special thanks to Cathy for this wonderful photo. Told her I was amazed when I first saw it and still am. It's a lovely garden!!

Sherry Hill

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