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Saturday, April 2, 2011


If you have a curio cabinet or a china cabinet or both, I'm sure you put things in there that you love so you can see it--after all, that is the purpose of having either. But have you ever stopped to realize that some things you have in them are not really treasures at all?
I have and came to the conclusion that there is something "museum-like" when an object is behind glass. Funny how our minds work at times and how we perceive things; an example would be that I actually put two wine glasses in my china cabinet because I liked the painting on them but they each cost only a dollar. And when friends are here they comment on how lovely they are.

Treasures? No way. And yet when perceived behind glass, they take on an air of something precious when they are not. There are real treasures in both my curio cabinet and china cabinet but do I use them? I look at them off and on and yes, I have things that belonged to my great grandmother, my grandmother and my late mother but it is fear on my part of breakage.

People who have open cabinetry show off their prize possessions but they use them I suppose. Still, I wonder where the idea came from in the first place that we must have a china cabinet or a curio cabinet and stick things in there just to look at.
One of life's oddities and something to ponder isn't it?

Meanwhile, I'm going to take a second look at my curio cabinet and china cabinet:  There are many things lurking in there that I haven't seen in forever and they need to be looked at and removed. And some of you readers whom I know just might be the recipients of non-priceless treasures in the upcoming future.

Sherry Hill

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