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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Violets are my favorite flower: They’re free, have a faint smell and are easy to find—except in my yard. My yard has never had a single violet, ever. Other yards in my neighborhood have them and hardly any of the people who have violets could care less and yet, here I am the one who loves them and has none.

That’s more than strange. Or maybe that’s what happens to people who love them—they aren’t near for some odd reason.

Picking a bunch of them is no easy task if you happen to stumble upon those with short stems: You wind up bent over and have a hard time straightening up! Picking a bunch of them with long stems is no easy task either but it’s not quite as hard. Personally, I’d rather have someone pick them for me—preferably a young kid who would probably delight in doing it [probably not!]

Violets have that beautiful color [some are almost white,] shape and are dainty. Yes, they are abundant this time of year but like the things we want the most, they are fleeting. “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may?” I don’t think so! It should be “Gather ye violets while you can.” I’ve got mine right now in a little glass bowl and in a matter of days they will be gone. And I didn't pick them either-- my granddaughter did. Best of all, they were free!

Sherry Hill


  1. Daniel, thank you so much!
    Made my day.
    Your blog is a wow!