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Friday, April 1, 2011



This day, April 1st is celebrated most all over the world. It is a day of trickery and seeing if you can pull a joke on someone! How did this day become a holiday of sorts? Check out snopes.com: You'll find a ton of explanations and some make a lot of sense while others are only purported to be the real reason.
Most believe that the origin of April Fool's Day had to do with the change in the Gregorian calendar which left a day out. But for whatever the derivation of this holiday really is, it is a day of pranks.

When I was teaching, I would always write the morning work on the chalkboard the day before--after school was out. And for the first thing I would write: "Write 1-10,000:" My students would just walk in, look at the board and a look of sheer fright would come over their faces. [It was second grade you know.] Some kids were actually crying until I told them that it was "April Fool's!" That's when the relief on their parts settled in. Did it every year and a lot caught onto the joke while others fell victim to it but only briefly.
My intention was to never make them cry! Honestly!

So wherever you live in this world, be prepared today for a prank! If you live overseas, it is already tomorrow in some parts of the world and you've either been fooled or not. Just don't fall for the one that thousands fell for several years ago: They were told that spaghetti actually grew and was uniform in size! A lot of people wondered where they could buy the spaghetti plants! OH MY!

One more thing: The above photo is not real or is it?

Sherry Hill

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