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Friday, April 22, 2011



I’m sure it has happened to you: You get something, put it where you can find it and then go to retrieve it and it’s not there. It’s not anywhere. Happens to me all of the time with all kinds of things. Last week I went to the store, came home, put the groceries up and stuck things in the fridge.

Could swear that I bought a package of Kraft Singles: Twenty four slices to be exact. Remember putting them in the fridge when I was in the putting away frenzy. Are they in there? No. They just disappeared. I have looked at least ten times, pulled things off of shelves and as if by magic, the cheese is not there. Now I’m wondering if I did buy that cheese for I always do when I am out of it: I love it for grilled cheese sandwiches and my dog eats cheese a lot—in fact she eats almost anything.

I could blame it on her: Maybe she did eat all of those twenty-four slices for she has been known to eat anything and everything. Last year during Christmas, I put a cheese ball wrapped in plastic on the counter; turned around and it was gone! Shiloh, my dog, had eaten all of it—covering and all.

Still, I haven’t found twenty-four pieces of cheese wraps anywhere. I have lost all that cheese! I lose lots of things and most of the time they are right in front of me: It’s getting bad! And it’s getting worse day by day. Reminds me of an old saying: “Grandpa lost his glasses before he went to bed. Guess where Grandma found them? On top of Grandpa’s head.” Oh my, I haven’t succumbed to that point yet but it’s getting pretty bad.

One place I haven’t looked is in my car. What if that cheese fell out of the bag and is underneath my car seat? I don’t want to know. But today I will look there and I’m sure that if it is there, it won’t be something that I’d bring in the house.

Sherry Hill

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  1. Never found the cheese. Had to buy more today. Watch the chesse show up--somewhere.