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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Everything was going just fine computer-wise until my camera wasn’t recognized by my computer. That fact led me to contact the tech support part of the company who made my camera and after an hour of uninstalling their software and reinstalling it, I was ready to explode.
Having done this before, after forty minutes with the tech rep on the phone, I told her that I could finish the rest on my own as it showed that there were only six more minutes left to finish the download. Hung up and that six minutes changed to twenty-nine minutes in a flash and I waited and waited and then the installation locked up: It just froze on my screen.
Everything I tried didn’t work and I gave up—for a while; then, I got mad and deleted the download and reinstalled the program with my disc. Guess what? That didn’t work either. And on top of that problem, I couldn’t get online.
This is now day three and counting. I have done the necessary clean ups, deleted temporary files and cleared up unnecessary files. I have called my internet provider [I use broadband but also a different server] a while ago and the tech support woman and I chatted back and forth for a long time [she was patient!] but to no avail. Even uninstalled and reinstalled a different version of their software which I wanted and again, it is not working.
You know how I feel if you have been in one of these frenzies and attempt to fix it no matter what—you try this and then you try that. Well, the “that” is not working and neither am I at this point. Today is Wednesday and I am taking a day off from technical frustration: I am worn out from it all. Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day!” I’m taking her words literally and not thinking about any of this today at all.
But on tomorrow I am calling in the troops. Some things you just can’t do by yourself or with expertise advice over the phone. My camera will work with my computer and I will be able to access my internet server by hook or crook! Meanwhile, send some good karma my way—I need it!

Sherry Hill


  1. Thank you Daniel! I've seen your blog and it's great as I love to paint. Originally, I wanted to put my art on here too but the words get in the way.:)

  2. I revisited your blog Daniel and am more than wowed. You're a fabulous artist! As a former teacher, I love how you tell people not to be offended when someone critiques his or her work in one of your videos. Never did that to a student ever: It would quell the desire to create. You can see some of my art on the first link on the left of my blog--galleryonmailhill.com.

  3. The good karma worked! I can now access my internet server [not just internet explorer] and I did it myself! Realized I could reinstall the adapter and after I did it, back on where I wanted to be. Now for the camera software but not right now.