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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


If you haven't seen this live cam of a mom eagle on her nest, take a look! The live video is from Decourah, Iowa. Amazing times we live in when we can watch the birth of baby eagles right on our computer screen! I saw one baby eagle attempt to get out from underneath the mom but she nudged it back under. Not sure how many she has had but supposedly there is one more egg left to be hatched.

Once I raised three newborn robins and trust me, that was no easy task on my part or my husband's part: Birds know instinctively what to do. Humans do not. Those baby robins required more care than my cat or dog. Wore me out but at least they were saved, raised and released.

Not busy? Take a look at the mom eagle: I am! Want to see if she's hatched the remaining egg.
Catch you later!

Sherry Hill

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