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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Queen Anne's lace is abundant and grows wild.
Did you know that it is really wild carrot? The roots are similar to that of a carrot--and I've certainly pulled up my share of them in my life time. But mostly I just love to pick Queen Anne's lace and bring them home and put them in a vase along with water.

To me, it is beautiful and miraculous--not a rose by any means or a hot house flower but a humble one that is so overlooked as just a "weed." No way!

This flower is not considered humble by me: A cluster of them makes a thing of beauty.
If you're out and about, pick some, take them home and enjoy them. After all, they're plentiful right now and most of all, they're free for the taking.

If you want more information on this lovely flower, google how it got its name: Lots of interesting reading. "Gather ye Queen Anne's lace while you may!"

Sherry Hill

*Photo from online.

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  1. Wildflowers are things of beauty. They don't need to be shy, at all, next to their hot house cousins.