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Sunday, August 19, 2012


I found this saying on a facebook 
site and wanted to share it here.
As a child of two working parents,
believe it or not, I was never read to--ever. Didn't stop my love of books though and when I was in the first grade, I was five. And I learned to read that year and developed such an insatiable desire to read every book I could get my hands on. Think "Matilda" if you've ever seen that movie where she devours  books --books that were way beyond her years. That was me. I read Dickens when I was six years old.

With my love of reading, I read to younger kids in my neighborhood since
I was deprived of it. The library was my favorite hang out where you could take home as many books as you could carry--and I did.

When I was in grade school, each room had its own library. You weren't allowed out of your seat unless you had to sharpen a pencil, go to the bathroom or get a book. Not many choices there but mine was mostly to get a book to read.

Forward in time when I was teaching and oh how I read aloud books to my students. No doubt, I read about twenty or more books a year to them and to this day, many still remember those books but more remember my reading them aloud. When I became a mother of two sons, they were read to at an early age: I took the time and I wasn't back to teaching yet.

That is what it boils down to: Time. Every parent has time to read aloud to his or her child. Dr. Seuss books are wonderful as starter books for children to listen to for they consist of very few words but those words
are repetitive throughout each book of his. And how do children learn?
They learn in lots of ways but repetition is an important factor.

So please take Dr. Seuss' advice and read to a child for I was deprived of it and to this day wonder why. Your child or children will thank you for it.

Sherry Hill

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