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Tuesday, June 7, 2011



I have no idea where this expression came from or how it started but I've heard it all of my life. Am sure that it stunned a lot of little kids and made them go outside to see if it really was raining cats and dogs!
Yesterday where I live the rain was coming down in torrents. Really bad storm with high wind as well.

Only cat and dog I saw were my own and luckily for them, they were inside. And so was I.

Every year when I taught school [second grade,] I'd ask my students about this expression: They all knew it but a lot always questioned it. Best thing I did was to explain that it meant it was really pouring the rain. And I'd have them draw a picture of cats and dogs falling in  the rain.  Those pictures were hilarious: Kept a lot of them for years.

If you hear the expression "It's raining cats and dogs" and don't know what that means, I hope you do now. And no need to look outside for the real things. They won't be there.

Sherry Hill

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