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Tuesday, June 14, 2011



To you who have watched us patiently
And saw us grow in our nest in the tree
And sent such warm wishes to all three
Know that there must be something reasonably
It has to be for we can sense you truly.
We have taken each step for it is natures’ call
We’ve stumbled, walked and had to fall.
But our feathers are big and so ready to spread
That we no longer want this nest for our bed.
So when we fledge and then truly fly
It’s what we were meant to be doing so please don’t cry.
Be happy for us to take our flight
We were born to do it with all our might.
And when we are gone know this
That if you see us make a big wish.
Wish us long lives that are trouble free
And that we live out our destiny.
We were born to spread our wings and fly
And soar up above you in the huge sky.
We may see some of you perfectly
And if we do, remember us three.
And don’t forget our mom and dad
Who taught us so well with all they had
Check in on them to make sure all is right
For we will love them with all our might.
This is our response from us to you
And Bob and you made our dreams come true.

Sherry Hill

*Google Decorah Iowa eagle web cam: runs 24/7
Whose addicted to this? Me?
Juvies are eaglets. Won't have white heads, gold beaks or golden eyes till they are four or five years old.http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles

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