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Thursday, June 9, 2011



The other day I realized that I hadn’t bought any mulch for outside for several years. Guess my biggest reasons for not getting it are three-fold: When it rains heavily, the mulch disappears. Those bags are hard to lug around. And it can get expensive.

How did we all become mulch obsessed? When I was little, I never heard of it; no doubt no one else did either. No one used it around plants or trees. No one. Everyone had either trees or shrubs in their yards but flowers were always out in the back yard.  It was a given.  Considered tacky to have flowers out in the front yard!

This went on for years—the plain yard that was easy to take care of except for trimming shrubbery and grass mowing. Then in the seventies came the advent of hanging plants for outside and the macramé phase. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon on macramé hangers for flowers or plants. Either some people learned to macramé or they bought these hangers for plants.  In my case, I bought them.

After this phase, came the doing of clustering potted plants or flowers together on a front porch or sidewalk. Took off like a bang! And then people started using window boxes for flowers—everyone did it if their window ledges were big enough.

I’m not really sure when the mulch phase started but am guessing about fifteen years ago or maybe a little more. If a person didn’t have mulch around all shrubbery or plants, he or she was outnumbered. And the craze only got worse.

Face it:  Some people are just plain mulch addicts. And so are people who own businesses: They hire people to put down tons of mulch around shrubbery and trees.  It’s expensive and has to be added to for mulch fades and/or disappears over a period of time. Granted it looks nice but who started this mulch craze? Have no idea.

As for me got mulch? That would be a no. I am worn out with it. Real nature doesn’t have mulch around plants or trees—never have seen it in the woods ever. But if anyone sees it there, then know that a mulch addict has been there perpetuating the craze.

Sherry Hill


  1. Not raking up around trees when their leaves fall will give you all the mulch you need. It's just a different look, but it's the look of nature.

  2. That's a good idea! Really I like the look of mulch around flowers and plants but just worn out with it for now.
    Thanks Joe!