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Sunday, June 5, 2011



Comfort has a lot of meanings—it could be something that you put over you such as a throw but the most used meaning of this word is to give solace or make someone feel better. All of us need comfort in our lives and when we don’t get it, it makes matters far worse.
Since I am on facebook, I have seen a lot of friends reach out for comfort in the way of a prayer, a hope or just to get help. And the friends respond and care. Whether some follow through is a different matter but I may never know. But at least they reach out.
You never know how much you can do to comfort someone who is lonely, grieving over the death of a loved one or desperately needs attention; all you have to do is offer some words of comfort or be there to give it.
Such a small gesture but oh how important it is. Comfort can be words, a big warm hug, a phone call or an email—just reach out and give some when needed. Not only will the person who needs it be grateful but you will feel better after giving it. Trust me as there have been times when I needed comfort so much and was fortunate to receive it. And I count myself lucky.

Sherry Hill

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