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Tuesday, June 7, 2011



To all of you fathers/ dads out there: Happy Father’s Day! Know how much you are appreciated by your loved ones. To all of you reading this, all of us had dad or we wouldn’t be here obviously. As for my dad, I only got to live with him for seven years for I didn’t get to see him till I was five and my parents got divorced when I as twelve.

But in those short seven years he gave me so much. He gave me the love of the outdoors as he took me swimming, fishing and hunting with him; taught me how to play horseshoes too. I could probably have beaten most of you readers for he taught me how to curve the horseshoe. [Not up on my horseshoe skills now at all.]

Aside from those teachings, he also gave me the gift of acceptance of others and for that I will always be truly grateful. He came from a huge family in Illinois where most of his ancestors were farmers or the like. But he [along with his other siblings] set his goals high along with some of his brothers: They opened up the first body building studio ever in Hollywood, California. Do know that prior he attended college for two years and while working at the studio, got drafted. Served nine years in the army.

His love of the outdoors, acceptance of others and his personality made him one great dad. In retrospect, I just wish I could have spent more time with him:  Guess we all wish that who are children of divorced parents. I lost him nineteen years ago and found out through his sister, my aunt, that he had died. The shock was unbearable. And now I find myself questioning this and that as I guess most do who have lost a father—and those questions will never be answered.

He had remarried long ago. What I have that belonged to him are his favorite cufflinks, a pen and my memories. The tangible is not much but the “gifts” he gave me can’t be measured for they are a part of me. And I am so grateful to have had him for a dad. When I was born, he mailed a record to my mom for me: “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Still have that 45 record. When I hear it at weddings I attend, can’t help but cry for I was his little girl. All of us were daddy’s little girl or boy. Cherish that. And be grateful for what your dad gave you—far more than the gift of life. Far more. Love. And oh how I loved him!

Sherry Hill

Check out on you tube Al Martino's "Daddy's Little Girl"

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