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Sunday, June 5, 2011



As we progress day by day with more technology, the everlasting answering machine on phones is still there. And it really bugs me! Yes, I have an answering machine and don’t leave it on much—that bothers my friends a lot. I like caller id for I can tell who has called and always return a call if I can.

But there are people who leave on their answering machines with that recording and even if you leave a message, they never call back! Hello! They can see who has called them. Maybe I’m wrong but I think it’s rude. What if I had an emergency, left a message and still didn’t hear back from that person? I realize that there are times when a person can't talk, is sick or just plain doesn't feel like talking. Trust me, I have been like that myself lots of times.

Sad that our lives have come to this for some people just don’t have time—why is their life so busy? Granted most work, multi-task, have families and relatives but seem to have no time to return a call. When I worked, had my sons at home, I returned calls. But wait—this is 2011.  And it doesn’t look like calls are going to be returned much at all. Sad!  It’s the “Me” generation now and that is a far swing from when I was a young adult. As I write this, my answering machine is not turned on: It may never be again. Something to think about!

Sherry Hill

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