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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Like everyone, I keep watching tv and the photos and the latest news from the area of Japan--and it's unbelievable. A huge earthquake would be horrific enough but also a tsunami? And now there's another radioactive meltdown in one of the power plants. It's like watching hell on earth. I try to tear myself away from the news and yet, I can't help but watch. The plight of the residents and the ones who are arriving to give aid is hard to fathom: How can so many be helped with such a magnitude of dire straights?

My heart goes out to all of them for it something like that were to happen here in the United States, it would be as there: Unmittagated chaos. But it's far worse there for as you know, Japan is an island. And we don't have huge tsunamis here and never have had them.
Wish that the above angel could take flight amid other angels and help out the horrific scenario.
Sending prayers to all of those in Japan who are affected by this terrible situation.

Sherry Hill


  1. Sherry,
    I too am glued to my television. I cannot fathom what people in these types of disasters must go through. My husband and I were talking this evening about how lucky we are here in WV. We get some MAJOR flooding sometimes but generally, when it happens, there is at least a little warning first so that people can get out of the destruction. I can't imagine the sudden terror and the nightmare of what comes next! My prayers go out to Japan and everyone terrorized by this tragedy!

  2. We are so very lucky to be where we are.
    Watching this terrible scenario unfold hourly is beyond comprehension. None of us here should complain about a thing.