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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have always loved St. Patrick's Day and even more when I became a teacher.

For thirty years I taught second grade. Every year, the day before this holiday, my students would get so excited! I told them that they had to wear green on St. Patrick's Day or they would get pinched [no one ever got pinched! Ever!]

And every day before this holiday, I would make a graph: The graph was to count how many students believed in leprechauns. Every year almost every student would raise his or her hand but as always, a few were reluctant!

The graph was always displayed in the classroom and maybe one student didn't believe in leprechauns.

Also, after my students left for home on the day before this holiday, I would overturn some desks, sprinkle glittery shamrocks around and write on some students' papers. And the next day, they just knew that leprechauns had been in their classroom! They would scream with glee and look for any leprechauns that might have been hiding. But alack and alas, they never found any.

We would do our normal classwork but come the afternoon, all were treated to green donuts, green jello and green vegetables. Sadly, the donuts and the jello are not allowed anymore but it is understandable.

Although I retired from teaching, every St.Patrick's Day, I wear something green  [BUT not those St. Patrick's Day socks!] and go out and buy those green donuts! I know exactly where to find them: X marks the spot.  After all, you have to keep up with tradition!
Sherry Hill

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