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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today is “Fat Tuesday” and oh how I wish I were in New Orleans! I have a very dear friend, with whom I went to school, who lives there. We send emails back and forth and when the weather is bad here, he worries. When the weather is bad there, I worry. But I wonder if he worries about how much I’d love to be right smack in the middle of Mardi Gras? It would be my wildest dream come true to be there. Heaven only knows what I would wear but it would no doubt be something that would fit right in with the crowd—if you were to know me.

He has no idea of my secret desire at all. Have I ever told him? No. Should I tell him now? Probably not a good idea considering that here we are in for snow: The weathermen aren’t saying how much yet for when they predict, it isn’t always right as you know. I could just picture my boarding a plane only to be stuck somewhere forever during a wild snowstorm: That would not be my idea of fun at all. And that is no doubt what would happen if you knew my luck!

I’ll just have to send him an email and tell him of my secret desire to be at Mardi Gras and perhaps next year, I can go to see him and be a part of that grand party. And so, I will just have to celebrate “Fat Tuesday” here in Charleston, West Virginia: I’m sure that there are celebrations here somewhere. But will it be the same as being in New Orleans? Of course not. No point in attempting to contact “Scotty” of the show “Star Trek” but wouldn’t it be wonderful to be beamed down there? I can only wish.

Sherry Hill

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