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Friday, March 4, 2011

SOME SIMPLE RECIPES that mostly involve three ingredients

When I was little, I watched my grandmother cook. She never used a recipe--ever! It was just a cup of this or a pinch of that. Of course, my mother also cooked the same way but since she worked full-time, she knew a lot of shortcuts.

These are some really simple recipes and there is no measuring: It's a matter of fixing it so that you like it.


Ingredients: One can of peas, drained
                  Onion cut fine [about 1/4th of onion]
                  One tomato cut in pieces
Directions:  To the drained peas, add the chopped onions [as you wish,] tomato pieces and some mayonnaise to mix it well. Refrigerate till chilled. If desired add salt and pepper. You may need to drain before adding more mayonnaise if desired. This is so wonderful, easy and other ingredients can be added. And  you can double or triple this recipe if serving for more than two.


Ingredients: One onion chopped fine
Directions: Put the chopped onions into a bowl, Add a small amount of mustard and then ketchup: You may have to add more--you know you have the right amount when the two together turn orange.
Chill briefly. Add salt and pepper if desired. Just terrific on hotdogs!


Ingredients: Mayonnaise
                  Sweet pickle relish
Directions: Again, there is no measuring. Put four or five tablespoons of mayonnaise, add ketchup and stir till it's orange. Add a small amount of sweet pickle relish [easy on the juice], stir and you will have easy thousand island dressing.
You may chill this or use at room temperature. Add salt and pepper if desired.

Sherry Hill

The above three recipes have been used by me over and over: They are not only easy but taste great.

Photo from Parsons Family Design Studio

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