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Saturday, May 14, 2011



This word has two different meanings: One is for the color and one is for someone who is a “chicken” and afraid to do things. I’d rather talk about the color. Yellow is a happy color—it’s the color of sunshine, egg yolks, dandelions, yield signs, the slow down color on a street light, butter, a canary, school pencils, forsythia, daffodils, jonquils, a banana, the moon, some painted lines on streets and so many more things.

Like red, yellow is a primary color: There are three of them—red, yellow and blue. When yellow is mixed with other primary colors, you get secondary colors: That’s true of any primary color.

Too much yellow in a person’ surroundings has been proven to drive some to the point of madness; it certainly did affect Van Gogh. Disturbed him major and yet he used it in just about every painting he created, Hitler’s favorite color was yellow: That’s dangerous ground and dangerous to think about. But it is true. Google it and check it out.

Yellow is warm and makes you feel that way if you are in a room that is painted yellow. Sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes not! As for me, I don’t have any yellow rooms but every single room in my house, including the foyer, has something that is yellow. It’s cheery.

Do I wear yellow? Yes, quite a lot for it is a good color on me. One time while teaching, I decided to wear all yellow: Yellow dress, shoes, pocketbook and yellow jewelry [I’m one of those matchy people or used to be] and thought it looked fine. My students liked it but the acting principal told me I looked like a canary. Hm, that didn’t go over well with me at all. But I cast that aside and went on feeling pretty good that day.

Both my grandmother and mother loved yellow as well and not only wore it but had touches of it in their houses—my mother more so. Neither of them liked red which I had written about in another post—it’s my favorite color. And I got chided more than once by my mother for not only wearing red but for having it in my house and it was also the color of my car one time.

Too much yellow can affect you as I stated before: It can really make you feel warm which might be good if it’s freezing cold outside. But in the summer, yellow takes on more warmth if it’s on the walls.

I love this primary color but not in huge doses: It’s a matter of personal taste as are all colors. Maybe you can make a list of things that are yellow that I didn’t mention: You might be surprised at what you write down.

If some rooms in your house are looking bland, put in something yellow such a pillow or two, some silk yellow tulips or a painting with some yellow in it. It makes things pop! Wearing yellow looks good on just about everyone—just don’t go overboard like I did and resemble a canary! Be cheery—try some yellow!

Sherry Hill


  1. Carolyn is an artist and uses cadmium yellow in her paintings. It is extremely poisonous. Our dog brushed against it with his face, got very ill, and almost died. Cadmium yellow is beautiful and the most vivid of the oils, but it is illegal in California.

  2. Thanks Joe! I love cadmmium yellow and yes, it's vivid. But I don't use oil paints anymore: Can't take the smell of them and I can get the same effect with acrylic paint: With acrylics you can get the oil paint look or a watercolor look. Thanks for pointing out that it is poisonous in oils.

  3. * I meant cadmium. Got too many "m's" in there.