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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Love it
Hate it
See if you
Can rate it!
Turn it up
Turn it down
Put the speakers
On the ground!
Turn it off
I implore
I can't stand
It anymore!
Turn it on
Way up high
I want the sound
To reach the sky!
The bass is booming
In the car
And it's shaking
The window far!
That song I like
Play it again
One more time
So it will sink in,
I hate that song
Change the track
Want to listen
To the one back.
Love the beat
Love the song
Let me hear it
All night long!
Don't like the sound
Of that song at all
Can't you think
Of the one in the mall?
Too much beat
And not enough soul
Too loud
Like clunking ice in a bowl.
Love that tune
Play it all the time
If you don't like it
I have mine!
And so it goes
With music everywhere
It's up to the person
To declare.
Declare if you love it
Declare if you bolt
Declare it's outstanding
Declare it's a jolt!
Music is you see
Something that can be
Different to you and me
Love it or hate it
It's here to stay
And we wouldn't want it
Any other way!
From Mozart to Marley
From Elvis to Willie
From jazz to concertos
This music isn't silly.
Whatever the mood
Whatever the song
It has to be loved
To be along.
You can't escape it
For it's always there
From "Rock A Bye Baby"
To a wedding place
To celebrated times of many
Even in the end it's "Amazing Grace."

Sherry Hill

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