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Sunday, May 15, 2011



Blue is the only other primary color other than yellow and red. The word blue has many meanings in our English language and here are some of them:

Feeling blue: That means you are down and out.

Out of the blue: Means something happens all of sudden and is unexpected.

True blue: You are a loyal friend and person.

But let’s talk about the color blue: It is a cool color while the other two primary colors are warm. Too much blue in a room can leave you feeling cold and distracted.

Blue is all around us for it is the color of the sky: Everyone all over the world already knows that. Bodies of water look blue and make us feel peaceful to look at them—even if when you are in the ocean or in a river, the water really isn’t blue at all. It’s the sun and reflection that makes water appear blue.

If you look at your hands [or maybe your feet] you will see blue veins. Personally, I don’t like to look at mine—ew! Our blood is blue till it hits air and then it turns red. Maybe you have blue eyes: I don’t as mine are dark brown.

A lot of people use this color on bedroom walls for it is said it makes them feel at peace. But it doesn’t affect me that way: It makes me feel cold and unnerved. I had written before that I was drawn to blue and white rooms in decorating magazines—and I am. But if you take time to look at any of these rooms, they also have warm colors such as red, yellow or shades of these two colors in them be it flowers, paintings or objects.

Hospital rooms used to be painted light blue –that is until “the powers that be” discovered that a light green was more soothing to the patient. There again, proof that blue is a cool color and if a person is sick, why put that patient in a room that has been painted blue? That’s like adding insult to injury.

Some things that are blue are obvious: The bodies of water, blue jays, blue bonnet flowers, blueberries, policemen’s uniforms, the blue ribbon, flashing lights on a police car [I learned that well, remember?,] the main color on our United States flag, the color of jewels such as topaz and sapphires and definitely a lot of blue is on a peacock.

If you were to ask males what their favorite color was, I’ll bet you that three fourths of them say, “Blue!” Try it if you don’t believe me. Course maybe that goes back to the old way of using blue for baby boys and pink for baby girls: We all got stuck with that color it seems. But in today’s world, any color goes. I read that men’s locker rooms are painted light blue: No, I’ve never been in one but that seems plausible.

In my lifetime, I have looked at and read hundreds of decorating magazines and books. The real well-known decorators always said that every room should have something blue in it. Why? It pulls things together just as the sky does for us. Just don’t go overboard on this cool color: It will definitely give you the “blues!”

Sherry Hill

*My grandmother and mother both hated blue: Never understood that at all. Neither of them had one blue thing in their houses—ever.

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