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Monday, May 16, 2011



The secondary colors are:




Secondary colors are made by mixing two primary colors. Each secondary color is made from the two primary colors closest to it on the color wheel.

If you mix yellow with blue, you get green. Yellow plus red equals orange. And blue mixed with red makes purple. Funny, but I was on a website that stated that green was a primary color: I don’t think so! Am sure that most of you already know about secondary colors but there might be some who are not aware of them being called such.

I am hoping to hear back from a website that I contacted re their control over letting me use a photo of a color wheel: That would make it so much easier for you, the reader to see secondary colors.

Green is a soothing cool color and no wonder: It is the color of nature as found in trees and plants. There are many variations of this color and that would make them tertiary colors [which I will explain in the next blog post.] Again, in decorating almost all rooms have something green in them whether it be a plant, flowers with green leaves or a painting with something green in it or the like. But them some do not if you are looking at a stark white room that has only neutral colors in it—then there would be no green and that would be up to the owner or the decorator or both.

Green is not one of my favorite colors to wear; however, I love other shades of green such as olive green or hunter green. Olive green is not a secondary color but it is one of my favorite colors: You can tell that if you look at the scarf on the top of my blog. So many things are green such as trees, plants, pickles, the go light on a street light, street signs, grass, frogs, peas, green peppers, asparagus, lettuce, watermelons, some apples, green beans and on and on.

And orange—it’s a warm color if ever! It’s the color of fire, an orange, some glorious sunsets and it’s a mixture of red and yellow. Orange is one of those feel good colors and either people love it or hate it—there are no in-betweens. I happen to love orange and wear this color a lot. In just about every room of my house there is something that is orange or a variation of this wild color. My mother’s sister loved it! It was her favorite color and this fact drove my mother wild. But that didn’t let my aunt stop herself from loving it or painting her entire living room orange.

A room that is painted all orange can get on one’s nerves very fast. It sure did affect me when I was at my aunt’s house but I never complained about it to her. I read that if using orange on walls, it would be better to paint one specific wall that color so as not to drive the inhabitants or visitors wild.

Lastly but not mediocre at all is purple! Purple is a majestic color if ever and was worn in biblical times and in medieval times and forwarding onto kings and queens who all wore this magnificent color. It was regarded as a privileged color and only those who were titled or such could wear it. Glad that’s not now. Purple is made up of combining red with blue. It is a cool color but various shades of it can be warm---that’s the next group of colors—tertiary colors. Purple is one of those colors that is again in my estimation, one of those colors that works well with any color.

Again, I have a touch of purple in most of my rooms. You’re probably thinking “Holy cow! Her rooms must be wild!” But they’re not, trust me. Dull? No way-- but not on the weird side. Things that are purple are some of my most favorite things ever: Grapes, lilacs, lavender, violets, some sunsets, irises and some plants. Both of my sons lips used to turn purple when they got out of the pool to which we belonged: They had early morning swim team practice! Felt so sorry for them with those purple lips.To me, purple is a grand color and yes, I love to wear it. I even own four pairs of purple shoes and have numerous articles of clothing this color including a wool coat. And one thing to note is that purple is made up partly of red, my favorite color.

And let’s not forget “the purple heart” that is given out to soldiers who earned this distinguished medal for bravery or being injured during battle or service. My dad received one due to being injured in WWII. Luckily, he survived the injury or I wouldn’t be writing this.

Secondary colors: You have to love them! The world would be extremely dull without these three colors. And wait till you read about the variations of them as well as those of the primary colors—those are the tertiary colors which can only be described as having a wow factor!

Sherry Hill

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