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Thursday, May 12, 2011



Sad but a true statistic: It is now “Henny Penny” time in our lives. Hopefully, those of you who know who this hen is will know of what I am speaking. But should you not, “Henny Penny” was in a children’s tale and she was always going around telling all of the other farm animals that the sky was going to fall.

Yes, she incited fear in all of the animals to the point that they too believed the sky would fall. And welcome to 2011 where Henny Penny not only incites, she rules. Her guise is that of many so-called newscasters, writers and those who are as guilty as she for there isn’t a day that goes by that someone tries to instill fear in us all.

Bad thing is that a lot of these undercover Henny Pennys can be very believable to those who are guillible to accept what they say for they are the doomsdayers of today. As a young adult, I learned not to believe everything that I heard, saw or read: Stop and think that whomever is speaking, showing or writing can be biased. There is more than one point of view or facts that are not distorted.

We do live in frightening times—that’s a given. But take time to stop and think: If you are reading an online article or on facebook, a newspaper article or watching tv, is that person a Henny Penny? On my part, I’ve discovered quite a lot of them and guess what? I don’t read what they write nor do I watch them online or on tv. It’s as simple as that. There’s enough fear already without succumbing to these people.

The sky could fall but there’s a pretty good chance that it won’t happen today. Rest my case.

Sherry Hill


  1. Sherry, you certainly have an resolute spirit, and I’m not at all surprised that you really like RED and refuse to feed the henny-penny machine. Speaking for myself, I’m probably a bit of a henny-penny because I believe that it’s impossible for our society (along with at least half of the rest of humanity) to continue tearing apart our planet. Beyond that, I can’t imagine just how we’re going to stop doing what we’ve been taught - or brainwashed - into doing with our lives. But, yes, as you said, it’s always best to consider the source of the doomsday talk. And, if it’s from politicians or commercial interests, it’s probably a lot of baloney.

  2. I like your perspective and yes, it is hard to get away from "brainwashing:" It's everywhere.
    Guess what I really wanted to say is that politicians and some on tv give out a lot of baloney and people believe it. No way! Figured you'd know I love red. Thanks for your comment~