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Monday, May 2, 2011



Garlic is purportedly used to keep vampires away for this fact has been handed down for hundreds of years—whether you believe it is a personal decision. Every “Dracula” movie that I have seen always shows the soon to be victim in a room with garlic bulbs scattered around everywhere. Sometimes, the garlic is strung around windows as well. It’s a deterent to fend off the blood-thirsty vampire just as a wooden cross: At least it is used and not just in movies.

I once read that a man living in England was so petrified of vampires that not only did he have garlic bulbs strung all over his room but he slept with a garlic bulb in his mouth every single night. But one night that garlic bulb did him in: He choked to death on it in his sleep! Not a good idea on his part at all.

But I have found another reason to use garlic and although I use it in recipes, that is not the specific reason that I do. I go out and buy the cheap plastic bottles of garlic powder [like lots and lots during the summer] and put it on my flowers and plants just about every day. Reason? It keeps bugs off of them! They hate the smell of garlic as do critters such as deer or some species of birds.

If it rains, you have to sprinkle a lot more on flowers or plants as the water washes it off. Don’t forget to put this powdered garlic on hanging baskets of flowers either—they need it as well. Trust me when I say that this works: It does. And it's safe for the environment which makes it "green." Another good reason to use it!

Therefore, garlic not only keeps away vampires [should they be in your neighborhood!] but it repels bugs and plant eating critters or birds. And best of all, if someone comes near your house, it smells like your are cooking lasagne! What other herb is three-fold? During the summer for me, garlic powder rules!

Sherry Hill

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