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Thursday, May 26, 2011



When I was in the second grade I had a thought about the wall map of the United States that my teacher had showed us all and I kept that thought to myself all this time. Reason? Well, in grade school there was no way I was going to ask about my thought and look ridiculous in front of the entire class. I’m so glad I didn’t for when I was in the fourth grade, I realized how dumb my thought was but it made perfect sense to me when I was six and in the second grade.

I actually thought that each state that had a different color on the wall map would be that color if you went to that state. Honest I did! And so in my thinking then, if I had gone to Texas it would be pink—all of the land would be pink! And as for the other states that had different colors, same thing: Vermont would be blue all over and on and on.

If you ever had this thought as a kid and kept it to yourself, welcome to my world. One good thing is that at least now I can admit it! Feels so good to disclose that secret thought and get rid of it. No doubt there are lots of kids out there who are thinking the same as I did at that age; if they are, I hope they don’t admit it. Some questions are just better if they are not asked for eventually, the answer will be as plain as day or make that as in this case, as plain as the color of dirt—everywhere!

Sherry Hill

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