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Friday, May 13, 2011



Red is my favorite color—not only do I have four red rooms in my house but I couldn’t begin to list the things I own that are this color. It’s a color of excitement for sure. Wonder why it’s used in restaurants? It evokes that feeling.

Love to look at decorating magazines and am always drawn to blue and white rooms right off the bat! Amazing isn’t it despite my love of red. My kitchen has hunter green walls, painted red chairs, a magohany table and tons of blue and white dishes and other things. But if you were to see it, you would know that despite the blue and white, red would get you from the get go.

Every single room in my house has some red in it. It’s a popout color if ever. Carlton Varney, the well-known interior decorator [who also took over at the Greenbrier Resort after Dorothy Draper died] stated that if you use red in a room, it has to be in seven things. Makes sense to me. And I love his genuius touch to deocrating.

Red is bold. It’s a “look at me!” color. Stop and think about what around your enviornment is red: Stop signs, the red stop light, fire trucks and on and on. Yes, blood is also red: As a mother of two now grown sons, I saw a lot of blood when they were children into their teenage years. Enough to make me glad that I chose teaching as a profession [but saw it there too sometimes when kids got hurt] instead of being a nurse. Red is the color of our heart as well: This color is used more on Valentine's Day and Christmas than any other color.

If you stop and think about red, it really is a neutral color when used on walls or if wearing it. Anything goes with it. Anything.

And one important thing about red is that all car dealers have to have at least one red car on their lot. Why? Because it is an attention getting color that stands out. I will continue to love red, wear it [as well as its cousin, burgandy] and wear my red high heels. David Bowie wrote about that in his song, “Let’s Dance: Put your red shoes on!” That song wouldn’t be the same if he had sung “Put your brown shoes on.” And would a matador use anything but a red cape? I don't think so!

All I can say is long live red! Sure would be a boring world without it and I love this color.

Sherry Hill

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