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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Take A Second Look At Things

You can plainly see the "A" in this picture or can you? This is across the street from my house and when the leaves were off, as much as seven years ago or so, I saw the "A." It was formed when a thin tall tree fell over. Everytime I looked out my front window or was outside, I loved seeing this letter. I also noticed what looked lke a question mark in the big tree to the right of it. The "A" seemed wondrous and led me to wonder if other people actually look at things around them or just go on with their daily business paying no attention to what is actually in front of them. Don't think so for today's world is so hurried-up that so many don't take time to smell the roses, much less look at them.

One of my best friend's name starts with "A:" Imagine her shock at seeing the above picture on a birthday card I made for her! She called and wanted to know why that picture was there; I told her to look at it again. And then she saw the letter.

The things around us in nature need more than one look for if not, we miss so much that can enlighten us or just make us feel good. The next time you are looking out a window or out for a walk, see what you can really see. Must just surprise you! Take that second look.

Sherry Hill

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  1. A lot of people would see things in nature and other important things, too, if they stopped talking on phones and texting in almost all their free time. We miss the beauty and order of nature around us because we've decided to always be talking to others or to ourselves in mindless chatter. Getting silent with oneself, enough to see and hear things in our surroundings, is a habit that's well worth nurturing. Thank you for reminding us of this in your post.