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Monday, February 7, 2011


Nursery rhymes are gone! As a former teacher, I can tell you that within the last eighteen years, when I would ask my students to complete a nursery rhyme they couldn't finish it. And they would look at me like I was from Mars...or some other planet.

These rhymes have been around for hundreds of years. Usable? Yes, for memorization is necessary if you want your brain to function. Bad thing is that in today's world, these rhymes don't come with tweets, bells or whistles. They're not something electronic but something that all young children need to learn.

As a child, I learned them. My very first book was a nursery rhyme book. Still have it, dilapidated that it is. And to look in it, brings back such happy childhood memories.
As a parent of two sons, I taught them the rhymes and when they could read, they loved them.
When my grandchildren came along, I would drag out my old book in hopes that they would share the love I had for the rhymes. But no way did they for they were interested in other things--tv at that time and then onto computers and the like. Now two of them are teenagers and the other one is eleven and they are definitely not interested in "those things!"

So many parts of nursery rhymes are a part of our English language: Can you imagine kids having to google "Henny Penny said, "The sky is falling!?" Humpty Dumpty? Not only did he fall but he is nowhere in sight. And forget the Muffin Man: His lane has been replaced on "Map Quest." Hey, Diddle Diddle, The Cat and the Fiddle?  Not on Youtube.

What I found exciting as a child is now boring to today's children. But parents should check out nursery rhymes online, print them out and open up a world to their children. Do you think that will happen? Unlikely. Not enticing. Not exciting. And people wonder why today's children lack memorization skills when it comes to their classwork. After all, a lot of education is based primarily on this area. Nowadays, children have memorized everything there is about a computer and can do more with one than an adult. Their thinking skills are different.
I dare you to have your young children learn some nursery rhymes. Might just come in handy!
And might make you feel just a little bit better. Never know till you do it!

Sherry Hill

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