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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FO FOTTY FO or 444

My uncle was in the marines during WWII before he met my mother's sister who would be his wife. While at Norfolk, Virginia, he said he met a good looking woman on a bridge. The first thought in his head was to ask her the time: "What time is it?" he asked. And she replied, "Fo Fotty Fo." Of course that meant it was 4:44. But he said that he couldn't understand her and so when he returned back to West Virginia he married my aunt whom he could understand for he was from here also.
With all due respects to my cousins in Norfolk, Virginia, I just had to relate this story. In all the years of my teaching career, I always told this story.
So many of my former students have never forgotten this story.
And neither have I.
My uncle and aunt have been long gone but when I look at my clock and it shows 4:44, I always think of him and his probably not true story.
Happens like clockwork!
Sherry Hill

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