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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


If you are like me, you have so many passwords that you can't remember them all unless
you write them down! And where do you write yours? And what do you use? No, don't
tell me for that's secretive nor will I tell you where mine are or what I use.
The first time I got on a computer [a horrible experience!!,] I had to create a password:
Simple, I thought to myself and I made one that was about eleven letters long. Didn't write
it down and the next time I had to log onto a site, it was a nightmare. This went on for months
till I got so disgusted that I started writing my passwords down--on anything that was near me.
And when the time came to log on, I couldn't find those many papers that had the passwords.
Forget writing them down in a notebook: Good for me but if someone were to see them, I'd
be sunk and my computer would be hacked.

Finally, I decided that I would go with one word and add to it: Did that for a while but after so
many letters after the word, I got confused even more. And don't even think of going to some
well-known public websites: They request that you use a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.
Who could remember that? I tried it once and then I was prompted to rewrite it. Had no idea what
I had put in for the password and had to get off that site as fast as I could.

In today's computerized world, we now have passwords for our banking account, our shopping
online places and about a hundred more places. It is beyond overwhelming! It is maddening as all
get out!

And so, I have come to a conclusion as to what to do with all of these passwords: I am going to use
a magic marker, write them all over my legs with a letter that connects to each and then I will look
like I have tatooed legs! It would work for me--maybe. But it might be a scary sight to others.      
What would Lady Gaga think? She'd probably say that she's done that already and it's
definitely out of vogue! Still, it is a thought you know with the markers. Where else could I put
them so I could remember? Something to definitely think about: Don't you just love passwords?

Sherry Hill

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