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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Profile Photo Is Not Me!

It is one of my paintings from a series of period women that I am working on. I am now getting ready to start painting women of the fifites, sixties and seventies.
Being a former model for a long time, I really got into clothes and accessories! Ask anyone who knows me and they'll second that statment.
As a volunteer for Goodwill here in Charleston,I found myself not only in charge of the vintage style shows but also modeling in them as well.
What stress? But I loved every minute of it.

What a thrill to have worn a long white handmade dress made in 1890! I couldn't move my head well for in the neck of that dress were wires that held it up. And it made it virtually impossible to turn my head. And the back of that dress had at least twenty buttons. No wonder women had such fantastic posture back then.

I have worn every period of clothes in those fashion shoes.
And I developed such an appreciation for "vintage' clothing; so much so, that I was compelled to start painting this series of women.

Next art show, the series will be there--finished,hopefully.
I will get my real picture on my profile.
But for now, that profile photo is not me!

Sherry Hill

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