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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Irises are a thing of beauty. When they bloom they don't last long but oh what a sight to behold.
Every color just plain amazes me and when I see them, they make me think of not only that it's spring but also how fleeting their beauty truly is.

But there was a time when I hated irises believe it or not.
Maybe it was some childhood thing but way into my adult years, I simply couldn't stand them.
I remember a next door neighbor had a huge row of irises that always came up every year: They were purple and majestic. But I didn't see them as majestic at all. And I couldn't look at them for I found them disgusting.

Within the last fifteen years or so, I have developed a love affair with irises: I can't get enough of them.
They are planted all over areas in my yard. Isn't it odd that a simple flower can evoke one strong emotion and then completely make you change your mind?

I'll gladly welcome any irist that blooms! And no matter what the color, I will love seeing it bloom and stand there in all of its majesty. Should mine not bloom, I always no where I can get some really fast: Right down the hill from me where they grow unattended and unnoticed--but not by me!

Sherry Hill

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