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Saturday, July 16, 2011



I have always loved polka dots on clothes, shoes, pocketbooks or on anything. But I wasn’t allowed to wear a single thing with them on it till I went away to college. Why? My mom hated them. Good enough reason I suppose but her reasoning was due to working with a woman who wore something with polka dots every day to work.

Actually saw this woman a lot as I spent a lot of time at my mom’s office after school and she wasn’t attractive—more on the frightening side as far as looks go. But nonetheless, I liked what she wore. Her name was Nelda—how could you forget a name like that for it was unusual.

Spring forward to college when I picked out my own clothes and yes, I had polka dot clothing—not a lot but some like blouses or the like. Would I wear those around my mom? No way or get screamed at. When I graduated from college and the week before I started teaching, I was on the hunt for some wow of a dress. And I found it. It was chocolate brown with white polka dots! A sense of nirvana came over me –it was love at first sight. Bought it and remember wearing it my very first day of teaching school oh so long ago.

From that point on, I wore polka dot clothing and defied my mom to say anything. But she did. Called it “tacky!” and said I was like Nelda. Well, I wasn’t:  I was me. My mom has been gone for ten years now and whenver I put on something that has polka dots on it, I can’t help but think of her hatred for it. And yet I will always love anything that has polka dots on it—anything! Tacky? No way!

Sherry Hill
*If I could have a birthday cake like the one in the photo, I would love it! After all, it has big polka dots on it!

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