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Friday, July 29, 2011

'NOW SITTING IN THE DARK!" electric came back on Sunday at 11:20 a.m,


Just when things turn back to normal, you know that other shoe will drop. And guess what it did! After an almost three day seige of no water at all, now there is no electricity and why? A horrible storm hit us about five hours ago. The weather prior was so hot outside that you couldn’t breathe—94 with a heat index of 105. Now that’s hot and I don’t do hot—not that hot.

Excessive heat makes me sick anymore. Used not to bother me but this is the second day of feeling like I have lived in a frying pan. And so about five hours ago or so, I decided to take a nap; the water was on and so was the air conditioning and fans. Ah sleep seemed to have come quick but I was awakened by thunder that shook this house! Not once but more than eight or nine times did the thunder shake and the lightning flashed. Jumped out of bed and realized that there was no electric. How special for after those almost three days without water, there was nothing running or working that was electrical.

As I write this I am sitting at my computer with a candle beside me. Wonder how Abe Lincoln did all that he did with only candle light? I know how: It was the norm at tha time. This is not the norm. So stuffy in here that I have been outside numerous times and even in the pouring rain—felt good and at least I could breathe. My dog has been in hysterics for she doesn’t handle thunderstorms well at all; in fact, she runs and hides. Can’t say I blame her for I don’t like them either but my reasoning is different: We had torrential rain, high winds and I worried that my large trees might fall on my house. My cat is oblivious to this for you know how cats are—they cope in the dark.

No “Henny Penny” here for I did use my cellphone and called a neighbor:  She and her husband were in their car and off the hill. Said trees were uprooted all over and that water had gushed down hills to the point of many areas being flooded. As for my two huge trees they are standing –at least for now. And meanwhile it is smothering in here; might as well go out and sit in my car. At least it has air conditioning and I could listen to music.

This has not been a good week for me at all! Not alone in my thinking for my entire neighborhood and other areas that I can see are pitch black. Sometimes progress is not a good thing at all. I’d like to move to Australia! Anywhere right now would be better than this for the other shoe did drop. And what is next? A hoard of locusts?  I don’t want to know!

Sherry Hill

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